Terms of Business

These are the Terms of Business of SureStone Insurance dac.



The underwriter of your insurance is SureStone Insurance having its registered office at Merrion Hall, Strand Road, Sandymount, Dublin 4, D04 P6C4.

Surestone Insurance is part of Surestone Insurance Holdings Limited (the Group). Its ultimate parent is Primary Group Holdings Limited (PGHL). PGHL is the investment holding company of the Primary Group, a group of predominantly small to medium size businesses engaged in insurance and other financial distribution activities in the UK and in other jurisdictions.

SureStone Insurance is a trading name of SureStone Insurance dac registered number 340407. Our contact details are:

Tel: +353 1 667 4800

Email: [email protected]



SureStone Insurance is a trading name of SureStone Insurance dac and is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

Surestone Insurance dac is subject to the Central Bank of Ireland's Consumer Protection Code 2012 which offers protection to consumers and can be accessed at www.centralbank.ie



SureStone Insurance underwrites insurance business in Ireland, the United Kingdom and other EU States for the following classes of risk: accident, sickness, fire, property, general liability, miscellaneous financial loss, legal expenses and assistance. This is available through one of our appointed brokers and/or agents. We do not currently deal directly with the public or offer our products directly to consumers.



The charge for our service is the premium (including applicable government levies and premium taxes).



It is our policy to maintain appropriate administration structures to ensure that the potential for any conflict of interest between us is avoided as far as possible.



Non-payment of your premium or part thereof or breach by you of certain conditions of your policy may lead to your policy being revoked or cancelled, in accordance with the terms in that respect set out in your policy. A copy of your policy is available upon request from your agent, broker or intermediary.



For general insurance products you are entitled to a 14-day cooling off period. This entitles you to withdraw from the policy without penalty and without giving any reasons – this 14-day period begins on the start date of the policy. You have the right to withdraw from this policy, provided you have not made a total loss claim, within 14 days of the latest of:

(1) the starting date of cover, or

(2) the date on which you receive the full terms and conditions of your Policy.

Withdrawal effectively means that no policy was ever in place, and you may exercise this right by notice in writing to your broker quoting your policy number. Should you exercise this right we will refund you any part of your premium you have paid less a premium transaction charge as detailed in your Schedule.

All insurances are effected on the express condition that pending receipt of the premium SureStone Insurance reserves the right to cancel the policy notwithstanding delivery of the policy to you.

Failure to disclose all material information, i.e. information which is likely to influence the acceptance of the risk and the terms applied could invalidate the insurance.

A copy of your policy is available upon request from your broker/intermediary.



We aim to give excellent service to all our customers; however, we recognise that things may occasionally go wrong. We will do our best to deal with your complaint as effectively and quickly as possible. If you arranged your cover through an broker or intermediary please send your complaint to them. If your complaint is not sorted out to your satisfaction, please contact:

Compliance Officer

Surestone Insurance dac

Merrion Hall

Strand Road


Dublin 4

D04 P6C4.

Tel: + (353) 1 667 4800 or you can contact the following:



If you remain unsatisfied with our final response you may refer your complaint to:

The Financial Services Ombudsman

3rd Floor

Lincoln House

Lincoln Place

Dublin 2

Tel: + 353 1 6620899

Locall: 1890 882090

Fax: + 353 1 6620890

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.financialombudsman.ie



The laws of Ireland will apply to your policy and the Irish courts will have jurisdiction to hear any dispute regarding your policy, unless otherwise stated in your policy terms and conditions. All contractual terms and conditions are available in English.



Your policy and all communications with you or by you to us will be in English.



The Insurance Compensation Fund in Ireland exists for the protection of consumers. Please note that in the event of SureStone Insurance being unable to pay a claim, you may be entitled to compensation from the Fund.



We recognise that protecting personal information is very important and you have an interest how we collect, use and share such information. All information you provide will remain confidential and will be used to manage the administration of your policy including underwriting, claim handling and fraud prevention. For more information on how we collect and manage personal information please see our full Privacy Statement on this website or you can contact our data protection officer by using the contact details set out below:

SureStone Insurance dac,

Data Protection Officer

Merrion Hall

Strand Road

Dublin 4 Tel: +353 53 (1) 6674800

E-mail: [email protected]



In order to prevent and detect insurance related fraud we may do the following at any time:

Share information about you with other Companies providing services to us, check and/or file your details with fraud prevention agencies, registers and databases and if you give us false or inaccurate information/or make or attempt to make a fraudulent claim, this information will be stored on the registers.