All our schemes are bespoke, unique to our partners and their customers.

We offer a range of risk financing structures and niche product expertise


Home Products

We can create a low cost home insurance product tailored to your clients’ requirements.


Motor Products

Available for private cars, motorcycles, commercial vehicles and fleet insurance.


Pecuniary Products

Covers businesses against purely financial losses (e.g. from fraud, legal expenses or business interruption).


Commercial Lines

Our risk appetite is based around low hazard and niche business.

We supply tailored, innovative insurance solutions that meet the changing needs of brokers and their customers.

Surestone Insurance dac is an authorised Insurance Company which is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland. Surestone commenced trading in 2002 and is based in Dublin, Ireland.

We offer a range of risk financing structures and niche product expertise adding value to brokers by providing them with delegated authority and access to scheme management facilities that is not available in the traditional insurance market.

Surestone Insurance dac is:
  • An authorised insurance company established in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland;
  • Fully authorised to transact licensed insurance business in Ireland, the United Kingdom and all other EU states;
  • Licenced to underwrite all major classes of non-life insurance business;
  • Supported by many of the world’s leading Reinsurers with minimum protection of A-rated security from all Reinsurer partners.